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Warrior Martial Arts & Boxing CIC combines boxing and martial arts with education and personal development to realise the potential of young people in communities affected by crime, violence and social exclusion. We provide young people with the tools and support structures they need to become life champions and create positive futures for themselves. We support young people directly in the local communities, schools and martial arts gyms with tailored training programmes, using partner organisations around the globe with the knowledge and resources to better support young people in their communities.

We use an integrated and holistic Five Pillars methodology from our partner organisation Fight For Peace, giving young people all the support they need to become champions in life.

Together with a theory of change we enable young people to take full advantage of the opportunities that are available to them through The Fight For Peace holistic Five Pillars model.

Five Pillars

The Five Pillars are integrated throughout all projects and activities offered by Fight for Peace.

Personal Development
Theory of Change

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